Whether the topic is Presentation Skills, Telling Your Story, or Leadership Listening, what makes our workshops unique is the attention given to both the art and the science of communication. Participants always gain practical, “how-to” solutions and come away motivated to use their new tools.

Small-group Collaboration in a Story Workshop

What will you or your company gain from David Otey’s unique combination of education (in the hard sciences and the social sciences), business experience, communication & facilitation skills, and lessons learned from designing and carrying out training programs for literally thousands of people? Here are just a few of the needs our clients have brought to us:

  • How can we be sure our CEO is receiving all the information he needs, and not just what others think he wants to hear?
  • How can I be sure my front-line employees deal effectively with the public while they are under so much stress from changes within our system?
  • How can we help employees work more effectively together, and with our customers, despite widely divergent styles of communication?
  • How can I, as an entrepreneur and small-business owner, make a more effective connection with my prospects and differentiate myself from my competition?

Custom solutions for your company or organization may include half-day, full-day, or multi-day workshops as appropriate. Click here to contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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