Certified World Class Speaking CoachAre you serious about improving your speaking skills?

Do you want to feel more confident and in control when you are called upon to give a business presentation?

Do you want to increase your earning power?

Do you envy those who make public speaking look easy, and want to know how they do it?

Are you ready to take the next step in advancing your career as a highly regarded professional?

If so, then you are ready to work with a professional speaking coach.

How do you find a good speaking coach? Obviously, you want someone with excellent speaking skills. But excellent speaking skills alone are no guarantee of excellent coaching skills.

That is why David Otey has sought out and obtained the best training available in coaching speakers, and has joined the elite group of Certified World Class Speaking Coaches.

Here is why you should use the services of a Certified World Class Speaking Coach:


Any other experienced speaker might be able to watch you give a speech and offer suggestions for improvement. The aim of the World Class Speaking program is not to help you prepare a better speech, but rather to help you grow into a better speaker by acquiring processes that will help you every time you prepare and deliver a presentation. These processes will enable you to…

  • Build a solid structure to ensure your message is clearly understood.
  • Create compelling content that makes your ideas “come to life” in your listeners’ minds.
  • Capture the essence of your main points in a way that guarantees you will be both remembered and quoted for lasting impact.



While the tools of World Class Speaking will most assuredly make you a better speaker, the underlying principles are based on your audience’s needs, not just your own. How will your audience be changed by the experience? How will you make best use of the privilege of their attention to connect with them so that they want to hear and absorb your message? What next steps will you give them so that they can put your ideas into action? The World Class Speaking program will show you how to…

  • Avoid the common mistakes that cost most speakers their audience’s goodwill within the very first minute.
  • Employ a five-part formula that will ensure each point is retained and remembered regardless of your listeners’ learning styles.
  • Make every listener feel he or she is part of a dialogue, not a monologue.
  • Maintain connection, energy, and control of attention right through to the end by practicing the five essentials of a successful question-and-answer session.
  • “Close the sale” (which, depending on your purpose,  may mean “Ensure they buy into my premise”) by motivating them to take one specific next step.



We know that your success as a speaker depends on your making your message actionable, memorable, repeatable, and even quotable, while minimizing anything that might undermine your connection and your message. That is why our coaching techniques are designed to help you create and deliver presentations that make your audiences feel good about what they have learned from you, so that you become known as the kind of expert in your field whom others will want to hear from. And so that you will be hired again and again. Among other things, this means you will learn to…

  • Avoid the perfection trap.
  • Meet your audience where they are and take them to where they need to be.
  • Prompt your audience to reflect, internalize, and take action.
  • Employ techniques too subtle for your listeners to notice that will nevertheless build a stronger bond and set you apart from other speakers, even those having similar levels of skill and expertise.
  • Avoid the ten common delivery mistakes that separate the merely good from the best of the best.

Coaching story workshop participantFinally, here is why you should use not just any Certified World Class Speaking Coach (of which there are fewer than 200 worldwide) but David Otey:

Where else will you find someone who combines coaching skills with extensive training in both the art and the science of communication? In a world that seems to sort itself into technical specialists and artistic-expressive types, it is a rare individual indeed who combines scientific scholarship, advanced degrees in communication, and engineering credentials, with a passion for the power of storytelling through literature, theatre, humor and song. No other Certified World Class Speaking Coach (to our knowledge) has also received training in humor from 2001 World Champion of Pubic Speaking Darren LaCroix, AND in the design of visual presentations from renowned expert Edward Tufte, professor emeritus at Yale University.


What does this mean for you? By working with David Otey, you can expect…

  • A coach with the analytical skills to help you focus on the area most in need of improvement based on your objectives and current skill set
  • Insightful analysis, not merely conventional wisdom, on such factors as delivery techniques and visual aids
  • An understanding of the specific challenges of designing and executing compelling technical presentations
  • A skilled listener and questioner who will help you uncover and express the inestimable value of your personal story as it relates to your content and purpose as a speaker

This brings us back to the original question: Are you serious about improving your speaking skills? What might that mean for your confidence, your promotion prospects, your peace of mind, or your professional reputation?

There is no need to re-invent the wheel, or to spend years discovering what others have already learned and are willing and able to share with you. Accelerate the process by scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation today.