David Otey is an award-winning motivational speaker and trainer. With a background that encompasses business, technology, broadcasting, non-profit organizations, music, and theatrical performance, he has a unique ability to relate to any audience on multiple levels.

David P. Otey, MA, MBA, brings a unique blend of education, eloquence, and experience to the platform. Armed with degrees in physics, communication, and broadcasting management, he pursued a successful career in television engineering, where he relished leading others to their own “ah-ha!” moments by taking challenging concepts and making them understandable. In 2007, Otey’s passion for learning propelled him to the head of a training effort that was unprecedented in the television industry, reaching over 10,000 broadcasting technicians in a three-year period.

In 2011, Otey formed a new company, Speaking of Solutions, LLC, with a focus on helping individuals and organizations identify and move past resistance to change. With his own story – technology expert reinvented as trainer/motivator – as background, and a core message that is well-grounded and research-based, he has inspired audiences to examine their assumptions, filter out the noise, and embrace a growth mindset.

Modeling that lesson in his own life, Otey has pursued so-called “right brain” activities to balance his engineer tendencies. He is an accomplished singer, having performed as a soloist with the Billings Symphony Orchestra and Chorale. Other stage credits include numerous roles in plays, musicals, and even opera. For variety, he is an intermediate student of tap dance. He currently resides in Great Falls, Montana, where he is active in local theatre and Toastmasters.


David Otey gestures with his hands

“I have a passion for sharing the power of communication. That passion inhabits everything I do. When I sing, that passion pushes me to express what was in the composer’s heart and mind. When I’m on stage – whether acting or speaking – that passion drives me to connect with the audience and draw them into the story. When I teach, I’m not satisfied until that passion lights a fire in the classroom or seminar, kindling in everyone a desire to grow our understanding of each other.”